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Welcome to the classiest escorts website on the Internet, and our Brighton Escorts section.  We have the most beautiful girls that work in the Brighton area and they are available to make all of your dreams come true.

Our girls are the hottest and most fun around and know all of the best places to go in Brighton.  So if you want to live the dream then contact us to see our full range of girls.  This website is still new so please bear with us as we fill it up with only the hottest, sexiest girls in Brighton.


If you want to have fun then classy escort from Brighton, UK is the answer for your cravings. Classy Escorts from Brighton will surely let you be merry and gay, be stress free and make your effort subscribing and money worth the wait.

A classy escort from Brighton is a woman who knows how to pleasure a man sexually and literally. She can also accompany you to the tourist spots of Brighton and if you want to see her naked with people around, then she can bring you to Brighton Beach with a nudist area. There you can see her flaunting her body to you which will make you salivate with desire and will definitely make you hard.

“Are you alone and lonely?” Well, she can be your angel. She can accompany you to go to the historical landmarks of Brighton like the Royal Pavilion and the Brighton clock tower or she can bring you to Brighton Marine Palace and fair wherein there is an arcade. You will certainly be bombarded with history if you want to.

“Want to relax and be with her?” She can certainly let you be relaxed as you lay in bed with her. She can make you purr with a back rub or a make you moan as she let her hands and mouth touch your body. She can certainly make you beg for more. She can be your sexy slave in bed or be your Mistress and punish you as she seems fit. It all depends on your wants.

Brighton is an open community for gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender so the classy escorts of Brighton are definitely worth paying for. They don’t have any prejudice towards their clients whether they are gay or bisexual or lesbians. You can also be safe for they are sexually protected and do let their body be examined for any sickness or disease regularly.

And if you want to experience a steamy night with a classy escort who knows how to have fun – then Brighton’s classy escorts is the answer. She can bring you and accompany you to their famous clubs in Brighton for it is one of the UK’s premiere night-life hotspots.

After the time you spent dancing and gyrating on the dance floor, you can definitely feel stronger and aroused as she dance for you.

“Need to have a place for you to be alone with her?” Then you can be assured that she knows the entire place where you can be with her or you can even do it in a secluded place she knows near the beach. Or if you’re in a daring mood, she can let you have a mind blowing orgasm in a crowded area just by using her hands if you can’t wait to be alone with her. Or let you be hard as she tells you the way she can pleasure you using her hands or mouth to let you have a mind blowing orgasm.

You can also be sure that she will not call you at home and disturb you after your time with her was through. All the things that happened between the two of you will be kept secret.